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Enhance your look with our Moonlight Pearl Choker. Classic and elegant, suitable for every event.

Style Moonlight Choker in various ways:

1. Glamorous: Pair with an evening gown, tie cord in a bow for sophistication.

2. Casual: Wear with a flowy blouse and jeans, adjust the cord for comfort.

3. Boho: Combine with off-shoulder top and maxi skirt, let the cord hang loosely.

4. Wedding: Radiate elegance with bridal gowns for special occasions.

5. Layering: Experiment with other necklaces for a chic, personalized look.

Choker Length - 13 inches + thread cord

Moonlight 3 Strand Pearl Choker

SKU: NE225
₹950.00 Regular Price
₹500.00Sale Price

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